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Tinakori Flooring

Equal Measure

When you are a pre-eminent accountancy the image you portray to your customers must be one of professionalism, sophistication & value.

Your staff also need to feel valued, work in a resilient building (it is Wellington) and have a space that is healthy, light and robust – able to handle those sushi soy sauce and caffeine spills.

This Newcrest building was built on the harbours edge and stood up brilliantly to the Kaikoura earthquakes – unlike many of its close neighbours.

The views are extraordinary and the light cascades through the building. It’s a super place to work. The flooring brief was pretty simple. Be different, be functional, incorporate bio-phyllic design principles and be really easy to maintain. Pretty simple really.

Any number of the Interface range of carpet tiles would have met this brief. Afterall, Interface is the global design leader in modular flooring. Equal measure was chosen. A wonderful pattern that plays on cobble stones within a courtyard environment. It come is 3 tile patterns that coordinate together. A textured no cobble plank tile, a half cobble stone plank and a full cobblestone plank. By interchanging them you can create pathways, wayfinding and destinations while staying in the same colour palette.

Worked a treat and the staff loved it.

Interface Carpet Tile offers:

  • 15 year full performance warranty including castor chairs

  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns

  • Colour, texture, and biophilic design

  • Life-time anti-microbial built into the latex layer in the carpet tile.

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