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Fire and Emergency New Zealand







Workspace Architects & Toi Ake (Māori Design)

J.M. Coulter

Woven Gradience Collection

Workspace Architects and Toi Ake (Māori Design)

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) recently embarked on an ambitious project in collaboration with Workspace Architects to create a new home for their Wellington staff. Embracing an agile working philosophy, the design aimed to cater to the needs of the entire organisation. One of the key aspects was to incorporate a Māori narrative, inspired by the origins of fire and its connection to the story of Māui and Mahuika. In addition, the project prioritised sustainability by upcycling existing fit-out elements and integrating new features, resulting in a unique and culturally significant workspace. Interface's Woven Gradience flooring played a crucial role, blending seamlessly with the overall design vision.

FENZ's new office environment reflects their organisational culture and embraces the agile working model many workplaces have adopted, post-Covid. Workspace Architects meticulously tailored the design to cater to the specific needs of different groups within the organisation. The resulting space features a harmonious blend of collaboration zones, desking areas, and hybrid meeting spaces, facilitating efficient workflows, and encouraging teamwork.

Central to the design concept was the incorporation of a Māori narrative that draws from the story of Māui and Mahuika, which explores the origins of fire and its gift to humanity. This narrative creates a strong cultural identity for FENZ, connecting the organisation with the rich heritage of New Zealand's indigenous Māori people. By weaving this narrative throughout the workspace, FENZ pays homage to the traditional knowledge and wisdom that shapes the nation's history.

In achieving FENZ's office transformation, the flooring choice played a vital role. Interface's Woven Gradience Collection perfectly complemented the design concept with its colour palette inspired by nature. By choosing Woven Gradience, FENZ embraced a flooring solution that aligns with their sustainability objectives while providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing floor.

The collaborative effort between Fire and Emergency New Zealand and Workspace Architects has resulted in a remarkable office transformation.

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