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Generator Britomart






Generator Britomart Place, Auckland


Flooring Junction

Net Effects B601,2,3

Generator Britomart’s 3000m2 A-Grade shared workspace is located on the Auckland waterfront.
This agile space is the top three floors of 11 Britomart place and exudes luxury.

With multiple balconies, harbour views, private office suites, flexible desking, multiple meeting rooms, premium board rooms, flexible event spaces, members’ lounges, onsite bar and café – and so much more, there is nothing to want for.

A versatile playground for serious players, the design of this interior is simply stunning.

Incorporating intricate detailing and impressive full glass panels top to bottom, the Auckland harbour in all its glittering elegance is the center of the show. As a nod to the extensive history of the location the designers have used carpet tile by Global Supplier Interface, called Net Effects incredibly. That is, the transition tile within the 3 tile design set is situated exactly where the waterfront was prior to the Auckland waterfront reclamation, showing where the waves would have washed many, many years ago.

Experience the 3 floors of exquisite shared office space with the 3D viewer here:

Interface Caret Tiles carry a standard 15 year warranty, have a high recycled content and are 100% recyclable in Australia.

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