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Genesis Head Office






Genesis Energy Head Office, Auckland Wynyard Quarter.


Flooring Junction

Human Connection, Net Effect, Interface LVT Antique Ash Oak, Urban Retreat 103 Ivy

Genesis Energy’s new Head Office in Auckland’s innovation hub, Wynyard Quarter is a 6 Green Star rated office.

With the highest quality energy efficiency standards, utilizing solar power and state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems as well as recycling rainwater this high-tech sustainable office for one of NZ’s biggest renewable energy companies certainly walks the talk. Inzide was chosen as the flooring supplier for this project because the Genesis team felt that our products aligned with their environmentally conscious ethos, and were impressed that our products were totally recyclable and closed-loop. Not to mention that this flooring is Greentag Level A certified and carbon neutral, it was designed with true sustainable leaders like Genesis Energy in mind. 

The interchangeability of our products means that while several different ranges were selected, they all work together seamlessly. No transition stripes required. And we think you will agree that the result is fantastic! The natural woodgrains of the LVT create a homely and warm feeling through-out the office, while the biophilic colours and textures of Urban Retreat, Human Connection and Net Effect bring natural energy and vibrancy into the space. The emphasis of nature and light and their use throughout the Genesis office made this project a true delight to work on, and an excellent space to work within. 

The final result - Wonderful, fit for purpose, brand aligned flooring that speaks to the message of sustainability.
Well done 4Works, well done Genesis and well done Flooring Junction.

A brilliant job all round.

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