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Hays Recruitment

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Interface Net Effect Collection & Interface LVT Woodgrains

Mark Scowen

In the world of office design, every element plays a crucial role in setting the tone and atmosphere. From the choice of lighting to the selection of furniture, each component contributes to the overall ambience. One key aspect that often goes unnoticed but significantly impacts the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a workspace is the flooring. In the recent workplace fitout for Hays Recruitment, Interface's Net Effect and Luxury Vinyl Tile, Level Set Collections took centre stage, bringing life, colour, and sustainability to the space.

The central theme of this office fitout was the colour blue from Hay’s refreshed brand identity, which was thoughtfully implemented throughout the office space. The designers opted for Interface's Net Effect Collection to complement the overall deep blue theme. These carpet tiles not only added a touch of colour but also aligned seamlessly with the blue LED lighting used in various areas of the office. From the front desk to some of the cubicles, the Net Effect collection created a cohesive and visually appealing environment. The combination of these blue carpet tiles, velvet blue seats, and blue walls lent a sense of vibrancy and contrast to an otherwise minimalistic colour palette.

Interface's Net Effect Collection consists of three distinct square tiles. These tiles are designed to evoke the mesmerising moment when the sea meets the shore, capturing the essence of life and movement in its textures. In addition to the Net Effect Collection, Interface's LVT, Level Set Collection featured heavily, most of the floor area was covered with these high-performance woodgrain plank tiles. What makes these tiles appealing is Interface's Sound Choice backing, which not only enhances the acoustics within the office but adds an extra layer of comfort and functionality. The combination of aesthetics, durability, and acoustic benefits makes the LVT, Level Set Collection a perfect flooring choice for an office environment.

Interface's Net Effect and LVT Level Set Collections not only contributed to the aesthetic appeal but also embraced sustainability and environmental responsibility. By incorporating these eco-friendly flooring options, the office achieved a harmonious blend of colour, texture, and purpose, creating an inviting and inspiring workspace.

Interface’s Collections offer:

- 15-Year Full-Performance Warranty

- Life-Time Anti-Microbial

- Closed-Loop Recyclability at End-of-Life.

- Carbon Neutrality for the full product life cycle

Congratulations to STACK Interiors on such an incredible result. Thank you for choosing Carbon Neutral Flooring by Interface.

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