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Simpson Western Lawyers reception
Simpson Western Lawyers meeting room
Simpson Western Lawyers common area
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Jasmax Offices






Jasmax Offices, Auckland


Lovich Floors

Cubic Colours (Mosaic of Colour)

The key objective was not to limit the project to simply the design of a new internal space but to explore how the project could positively influence the architectural fabric of Auckland’s urban environment. The briefs agenda included the responsibility of being a good neighbour, the opportunity to set an environmental benchmark and internally, the exploration of the relationship between the workplace and creative output, whilst reflecting the culture and values of New Zealand’s largest creative studio.

The creation of a tangible expression of Jasmax’s enhanced design methodology and increase the visibility of this within the practice and it’s multi-disciplinary expertise to clients and visitors was also a critical goal. The result is a highly energized internal environment which encourages free expression and portrays the mantra of the "organized chaos" of creative learning environments. Three offset levels of honest, open and creative space are highly interconnected by a narrow day lit, full height void which brings a dynamic heart to the studio and sits over the tight urban entry tunnel.

And the organized chaos flows through the floor. Using a compilation of Cubic Colours the floor became a mosaic of expression, a temperature map or a patchwork of fantasy. Net result – WOW – we’re here to be seen.

And subtly underneath the floor – no adhesive was used. The floor floats using Interface's patented TacTiles™ system.

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