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Kiwi Rail






Kiwi Rail

Prescott Flooring Ltd

Warren and Mahoney Architects

Composure II Collection

Mark Scowen

Kiwi Rail’s new installation is a perfect blend of function and style. The fit-out takes inspiration from the rolling stock and other railroad-related items, resulting in a colourful and visually appealing space.

One of the unique features of this installation is the use of a stack of railway sleeps as part of the reception desk. This not only adds an industrial touch to the office but also pays homage to the railroad industry that Kiwi Rail operates in. Another unique feature is the use of shipping containers as pods, we thought this was an interesting touch and a great way to have different working environments within the office.

Located in the slider building in Parnell, the fit-out was designed by Warren and Mahoney, known for their innovative and sustainable designs. They have created a space that not only meets the functional needs of the organisation but also captures the essence of the industry they operate in.

The fit-out of the building utilises Interface’s Composure collection, a flooring solution that combines practicality and design. Composure’s nature-inspired design draws inspiration from natural rock, formations, resulting in an organic, non-directional flexibility that effortlessly flows through large spaces. The collection’s practical benefits, such as durability and easy maintenance, make it an excellent choice for a high-traffic office space like Kiwi Rail.

Overall, the fit-out of Kiwi Rail’s office is an excellent example of how design and function can work together to create a space that not only meets the needs of the organisation but also reflects its industry and values.

Interface’s Composure II Collection offers:

- 15-year full-performance warranty

- Life-time anti-microbial

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Full customisation and design support

Congratulations Warren and Mahoney on an exceptional result, thank you for choosing Carbon Neutral Floors by Interface.

Photography: Mark Scowen

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