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STACK Interiors

Niche Flooring

Interface LVT

Mark Scowen

STACK Interiors completed the fit-out project for Rayonier, extending their track record of prior successful collaborations. The resulting workspace is a true reflection of Rayonier's corporate identity and has been strategically designed to support a seamless transition to a fully agile working model. The office now boasts a diverse array of work settings and neighbourhoods that cater to various work styles.

The predominant colour palette adopted throughout the workspace leans towards neutral and natural tones. This deliberate choice ensures that the design maintains a timeless quality, allowing the space to adapt and evolve, effectively future proofing the investment.

One of the standout elements of the design is the incorporation of the natural environment into the office, emphasising the connection between the indoors and outdoors. Interface's LVT in warm polished cement perfectly complements the overall interior design. Its neutral colour palette, featuring shades of grey, whites, and a hint of green for a touch of nature, creates a soothing office environment.

The selection of Interface's LVT polished cement is particularly advantageous, as it aligns perfectly with Rayonier's plan to remain at this location long term. This product not only remains functional and relevant throughout the lease period but also comes with Interface's 15-Year Standard Product Warranty, providing peace of mind. The tiles themselves exhibit subtle variations of greys and browns, adding dimension to the flooring and ensuring that each tile is unique.

This classic, modern, and elegantly simple fit-out extends to various areas of the office, including the kitchen, lounging spaces, and shared workspaces. It harmonises seamlessly with the wood panelling used in select areas, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire office space.

Interface’s Luxury Viny Tile Collection offers:

- 15-year full-performance warranty, including castor chairs

- Life-time anti-microbial

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Carbon Neutral for the full product life cycle

Congratulations to STACK Interiors on an exceptional result for Rayonier.

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