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Simpson Western Lawyers reception
Simpson Western Lawyers meeting room
Simpson Western Lawyers common area
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Rothbury Insurance






Rothbury Insurance

4 Works Architects

Hills Commercial Floors Ltd

Interface Visual Code Collection & Level Set Texture Woodgrains LVT

Mark Scowen

Rothbury's brand-new office now graces the prestigious 25th floor of the PWC building in Auckland’s CBD, offering a breathtaking setting for its operations.

4 Work Architects were chosen to create a welcoming and immersive environment that harmonises seamlessly with Rothbury's distinctive brand and identity. To achieve this, they harnessed a neutral colour palette that reinforces Rothbury's robust New Zealand heritage and underscores its profound connection to the natural world.

The outcome of this meticulous interior design effort is nothing short of spectacular—a versatile and elegant workspace that exudes adaptability and sophistication. Within this makeover, a rich tapestry of textures and colours was thoughtfully integrated, with elements such as timber, lush greenery, panelling, and stones all contributing to the visual and tactile appeal.

Emphasis was placed on creating diverse seating areas, accommodating everything from workstations and meeting spaces to inviting lunch corners and cozy individual work nooks. This strategic approach fosters collaboration and independence alike, catering to the varied needs of Rothbury's dynamic team.

Upon stepping into this environment, one immediately senses its modern aesthetic. The front desk area greets visitors with wood panelling adorning the walls, complemented by an eye-catching living green wall. Even in areas where natural light is  somewhat scarce, the judicious use of colours, textures, and lighting works wonders in brightening the space.

Crucially, Interface's Visual Code Collection played an instrumental role in elevating this transformation. Plain Stitch, Stitchery, and Stitch Count were used from the collection. This carpet collection draws inspiration from the harmonious blend of high technology and textile craftsmanship, weaving together elements of glitch graphics and technicolour circuitry with the understated elegance of plain-woven fabrics and rugs. An elevated textural change across the floorplate, captures the light and gives depth to the large floor plate.

Interface’s Carpet Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer:

- 15-year full-performance warranty, including castor chairs

- Life-time anti-microbial

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Carbon Neutral for the full product life cycle

Congratulations to 4 Work Architects on an exceptional result, thank you for choosing Interface and Carbon Neutral Flooring.

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