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Supply Chain Solutions






Supply Chain Solutions

Focus Plan

Focus Plan

Interface Aerial Flying Colours Collection, On Line & Off Line Collection, Forbo Sphera Energetic Collection

Mark Scowen

Supply Chains Solutions’ new office building was designed to make a bold statement, both in terms of energy and style. To achieve this, they turned to Focusplan to design and build a two-story interior fitout that would match the company’s brand and provide a strong sense of identity upon arrival.

One key element of the fit out was the flooring, which was carefully selected to create a unique and energising look. Interface’s Aerial Flying Colours Collection was chosen for its ability to blend a simple natural palette with several colourful hues, resulting in a network of design possibilities that stirs attention and provokes interest. With eight carpet tile designs that shift from one to the next in a painterly effect, Aerial creates a sense of movement and energy that perfectly complements the overall design of the fitout.

Another key flooring choice was Forbo’s Sphera Energetic, a range of Homogenous Vinyl flooring that brings new dynamics to the space. With a coordinated colour palette and designs of varying intensity and scale, Sphera Energetic is a fit for purpose vinyl with a refreshing design aesthetic. The playful combination of colours and designs adds another layer of interest to the overall design of the fitout between hard and soft flooring solutions. Together, Interface’s Aerial Flying Colours collection and Forbos’ Sphera Energetic Collections create a floor solution that perfectly matches the energy and style and materiality of Supply Chain Solutions’ new office building. With their unique design possibilities and performance features, these flooring options are sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who walks through the doors.

A range of blues, teals and creams were used throughout this fitout.

The Aerial Flying Colours collection by Interface offers:

- 15-year full-performance warranty, including castor chairs

- Life-time anti-microbial

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Carbon neutrality

The Sphera Energetic Collection by Forbo Offers:

- 15 year standard product warranty

- Superior scratch resistant technology

Congratulations to Focusplan on an exceptional result.

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