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Dominion Interiors

Prescott Flooring Ltd

Sphera Essence charcoal and aqua by Forbo, Woven Gradiance by Interface


In the ever-evolving world of office design, the importance of creating spaces that are not only functional but also visually appealing cannot be overstated. A recent project undertaken by William Architects for Thermosash’s new office space exemplifies how the right flooring can transform an office environment into a vibrant and harmonious workspace. By utilising Interface’s Woven Gradiance Collection, they have achieved stunning zoning effects, seamlessly blending different colours and tones throughout the office space.

When New Zealand's biggest homeware store, Nido, closed its doors, Thermosash saw an opportunity to repurpose the building into a modern office space and manufacturing facility. During the initial consultations, Interface's Cubic Colours collection, which featured a multi-coloured design, was introduced. However, the client expressed a preference for a tile which offered a gradient look. Interface's Woven Gradience Collection was the perfect solution, pairing perfectly with the Sphera vinyl selected for the Resilient areas, with both being specified for the project.

With the client's approval, Woven Gradience took centre stage in the office design, enabling the creation of distinct zones throughout the space. Green tones were elegantly integrated into the lounge and shared areas, fostering a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. Blue hues permeated the open office area, promoting productivity and focus. Terracotta shades adorned individual offices, instilling a sense of warmth and personalisation. Lastly, dark grey tones were strategically applied in the corridors, exuding sophistication and serving as a transition between different spaces.

The successful collaboration between Thermosash and William Architects showcases the power of innovative material selections. Utilising Interface's Woven Gradience collection, and Forbos’ Sphera Vinyl the team achieved stunning zoning effects, seamlessly blending different colours and tones to create dynamic workspaces that inspire productivity, creativity, and a sense of well-being. This project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of flooring in shaping office environments for the better.

Congratulations to William Architects on an incredible result and thank you for choosing Interface flooring solutions.

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