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Stack Interiors

Prescott Flooring Ltd

Composure Colours, Step it Up, Sphera Element, Aerial AE311

Mark Scowen

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, creating an inviting and inspiring workplace has become crucial for companies aiming to foster growth, collaboration, and employee well-being. One notable example of this is Worldline, a New Zealand-based company specialising in payment solutions. When it came time to design their new workplace, they turned to Stack Interiors to craft a space that not only met their functional needs but also reflected their vision for a dynamic and employee-centric office environment.

The brief handed to Stack Interiors was clear: create a destination for Worldline's people, a workplace that people would look forward to coming into. The goal was to infuse the office with a vibrant atmosphere, one that buzzed with productivity while also providing a safe and welcoming environment. Worldline envisioned a fresh and flexible modern office that would bring its employees together and enhance the company's culture and collaboration efforts, effectively becoming a second home for its team. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of New Zealand's environment, Stack Interiors embarked on a design journey that would seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoors, from the beach to the mountains. An iconic Kiwi bach served as the muse for this unique office space. This inspiration created an innovative approach, allowing employees to relax and recharge within the office environment.

To complement the overall vision and fit out of Worldline's new workplace, Stack Interiors made a strategic choice in their flooring selection, opting for a combination of Forbo and Interface flooring products. Interface's Composure Collection brought the vision to life. The collection's rusty orange and blue carpet tiles were used to create zones and add dimension to the office layout. These vibrant colours, reminiscent of a beach and ocean, injected an eye-catching pop of energy into the workspace. The orange carpet symbolised the sandy shores, while the blue represented the vast ocean. Surprisingly, this unique colour pairing worked seamlessly, especially when paired with dark blue couches, with the orange carpet acting as rug inserts. Forbo's Sphera Element, in a light beige colour, was integrated throughout the office to provide a visual break between the vibrant orange and blue Composure carpet tiles. This clever use of colour and texture created a harmonious flow throughout the space.

In areas where a more subdued palette was required, Interface's Aerial Flying Colours Collection came into play. With a mix of beige, brown, and white hues, this flooring choice complemented the timber doors, lush greenery, and natural ambience, contributing to an inviting and welcoming environment. Additionally, Interface's Look Both Ways Collection, specifically the Step it Up variation in a dark grey shade, was introduced to soften the overall design and add natural tones to balance the vibrant colours. Worldline's new workplace stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and innovative flooring solutions. By drawing inspiration from the beauty of New Zealand's natural environment and carefully selecting flooring materials, Stack Interiors has succeeded in creating an office that reflects Worldline's brand, and values, and enhances the well-being and productivity of its employees. It's a remarkable example of how flooring can play a pivotal role in transforming a workspace into a vibrant and inspiring destination.

Interface's Flooring Features:

- A 15-year full-performance warranty provides peace of mind.

- Lifetime anti-microbial properties ensure a hygienic environment.

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Carbon Neutral for the full product lifecycle

The Sphera Energetic Collection by Forbo Offers:

- 15-year standard product warranty

- Superior scratch resistant technology

Congratulations to Stack Interiors on such an incredible result and thank you for choosing Interface and Forbo flooring supplied by Inzide.

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