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Action Indoor Sports

Installation: Action Indoor Sports

Supplier: Hills Flooring

Product/s: Flotex and Forbo Sphera Vinyl

Hills Flooring recently undertook a remarkable project involving the fit-out of an action indoor sports venue. This project not only required the replacement of damaged flooring but also demanded a surface that could withstand the rigours of netball and indoor cricket competitions. In their quest for the ideal flooring, the client turned to Forbo, a trusted name in the industry, and their remarkable products – Flotex and Sphera Vinyl.

The primary challenge faced by Hills Flooring was to find a flooring solution that could meet the specific requirements of a sports arena. The flooring had to be hard-wearing, resilient, and accommodating to the unique needs of indoor sports such as netball and cricket. Moreover, it had to display court markings clearly, ensuring the safety of athletes and enabling the proper conduct of games. Forbo's Flotex, known for its strength and durability, emerged as the perfect choice for this project. Flotex is a hybrid resilient product that combines the durability of hard flooring with comfort and slip resistance. Its unique properties make it an ideal surface for sports arenas.

One of the crucial requirements was the ability of the flooring to provide a safe surface in case of falls or accidents during sports activities. Flotex excelled in this regard, offering a firm yet forgiving surface that reduces the risk of injuries. Additionally, it was crucial for the flooring to allow balls to bounce effectively, contributing to the smooth flow of games. Court markings were meticulously hand-cut into the Flotex surface using different colours. Blue, white, and a dark grey of Flotex were used strategically on the courts – white for outlining lines, blue to mark half circles, and dark grey as the base court colour. This made the court markings highly visible and added an aesthetic dimension to the sports arena.

While Flotex dominated the courts, Forbo's Sphera Vinyl made its presence in other areas of the sports arena, including bathrooms, changing rooms, and kitchen areas. This vibrant and durable solution, in a striking dark blue colour, perfectly complemented the court's colour scheme. Sphera Vinyl, a high-quality flooring product, not only met the aesthetic requirements but also provided the necessary durability for these high-traffic areas. It added an extra layer of interest to the overall design, harmonising with the surroundings and enlivening the atmosphere.

Forbo’s Flotex and Sphera Vinyl Offers:

  • Hard-wearing quality is needed for a sports arena, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

  • Flotex's unique properties provide a safe surface for athletes, reducing the risk of injuries during sports activities.

  • 15-Year Standard Product Warranty

Hills Flooring's collaboration with Inzide to supply Forbo’s exceptional flooring solutions for the sports arena demonstrates the critical role that the right flooring solution plays in creating a safe, visually appealing, and durable environment for indoor sports. With Flotex and Sphera Vinyl, the project not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a new standard for sports arena flooring. Congratulations to Hills Flooring on achieving this remarkable result and contributing to the success of this sports venue.

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