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Johnsonville Library at Waitohi Hub

Installation: Johnsonville Library at Waitohi Hub

Specifier: Athfield Architects

Installer: Amer Limited

Product: Net Effect, Cubic & Cubic Colours, Walk the Plank and Aerial Flying Colours Collections

Libraries have moved from being repositories of book to complete community hubs.

Johnsonville library has even changed its name to Johnsonville library at Waitohi hub. Not only does it boast reading/watching material in multiple formats but it also incorporates a cafe and Kindergarten with connection to the Keith Spry pool.

Waitohi hub makes a statement around welcome, continuity, strength and community. The floor needed to provide substantiation around this statement. Plus the carpet needed to perform longer and be stronger (more foot traffic), provide acoustic dampening and yet look great, look welcoming, look modern, be beautiful.

Athfields called in INZIDE – suppliers of Interface carpet tile for their advice when looking to specify the flooring. After all, Interface is the global leader when it comes to Carpet Tile as shown by these key credentials;

  1. World class tufting technology that incorporates an anti-microbial both within the adhesive and tufted layer of the carpet tile

  2. 15 year true performance warranties – includes castor chairs

  3. Patented random designed carpet tile making facility management so easy

  4. Always looks great irrespective of foot traffic

  5. Also has a design solution to any brief

  6. And hard to believe but the carpet tiles used here consist of 100% recycled yarn from old thrown away fishing nets, 75% recycled backing and most importantly are 100% recyclable from new Zealand, as accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

And let’s not forget the great service that also comes from INZIDE. Personable, Passionate about flooring, authentic, environmental drive & inspiring with innovation, colour & leadership of the flooring industry.

Brilliant flooring. Beautiful, strong, welcoming. Nailed the brief!!

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