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Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport

New Lynn Library

Installation: New Lynn Library

Specifier: Make Architects

Installer: Crown Flooring

Product: Verticals Plank & Cubic Colours Square Carpet Tiles

Libraries are the centre of communities, bringing the digital and written worlds together. They are the knowledge HUB in every community now.

The way libraries are designed to fit the diverse use of the spaces they provide means that the flooring needs to adapt with this use. The floor also needs to perform longer and be stronger (more foot traffic), provide acoustic dampening all while looking great. The choice of carpet needs to be well understood and specified correctly.

SGA asked Inzide – suppliers of Interface carpet tile in NZ for their advice when looking to specify the flooring at New Lynn library. Afterall, Interface is the global leader when it comes to Carpet Tile as shown by these key credentials:

  1. World class tufting technology that incorporates an anti-microbial both within the adhesive and tufted layer of the carpet tile

  2. 15 year true performance warranties – includes castor chairs

  3. Patented random designed carpet tile making facility management oh so easy

  4. It always looks great and Interface always has an answer for every discerning specifier.

  5. And hard to believe but the carpet tiles used here consist of 100% recycled yarn from old thrown away fishing nets, 60%+ recycled backing and most importantly are 100% recyclable from new Zealand, as accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

Pretty easy to specify for an exacting project like New Lynn library – and as random dye-batch mergeable patterned product was specified, wastage at installation was less than 2% versus 5% for standard carpet tile and 15%+ for broadloom.

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