NZ Rugby Museum

Installation: NZ Rugby Museum

Architect: Inside design – Wellington

Installer: BSA Management

Product: Marmoleum - Marbalised

NZ Rugby was building its new museum in Palmerston North and wanted a bit of WOW for the shop. It needed to incorporate the provinces colours, it needed to be welcoming and it needed to complement rugby as a genre of passion for the NZ public.

The decision to use Marmoleum was very, very easy. It is after all, the leading resilient floor in the world, incorporates 150 years of product development, has an amazing natural colour palette and is installed in a high pedigree of buildings including The Whitehouse in Washington DC.

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In addition;

  • It is made from 97% natural raw materials and is 100% bio-based in construction

  • It is naturally healthy with a natural anti-microbial and scientifically proven to fight and kill MRSA and other infections

  • It is low VOC

  • It incorporates topShield™ a high performance finish making cleaning even easier.

What an easy decision.
Marmoleum – in production since 1869 and supplied in NZ by Inzide Commercial.

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