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Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport

Remuera Golf Club

Installation: Remuera Golf Club

Contractor: Synergy Flooring

Product/s: Connected Ethos , LVT Textured Woodgrains, SR999 Entrance Mattings

Remuera Golf Club's interior transformation showcases a thoughtful selection of Interface products that seamlessly enhance the spacious and well-lit environment with its lofty ceilings and impressive panelling.

The entrance features Interface entrance matting, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a long life for the flooring investment they have made. To infuse a natural ambience into the enclosed space, the Connected Ethos Collection was chosen, this carpet tile collection adds a welcoming touch of nature to the environment with its soft organic patterning. The collection's design harmonises effortlessly with the abundant natural lighting streaming in through large windows and doors, creating an indoor space that feels connected to the outdoors.

Originally seeking a nature-inspired look for the golf club and café refurbishment, the club initially considered Interface's Look Both Ways Collection and Urban Retreat Collection with green tones. However, a shift towards a neutral aesthetic with pops of colour through furniture and décor led them to embrace the concept of Hampton style. The decision to paint the walls white and introduce high beams complemented by the high ceilings set the stage for a Hampton-style ambience.

In the bar area, Interface's LVT Textured Woodgrains were used to define spaces. Placed next to the beams in the entranceway, the woodgrains acted as a visual division, creating a distinct separation between the dining and seated areas.

The final concept achieved the desired Hampton style through white walls, high beams, and a mix of grey tones. The use of Interface products, including the Connected Ethos Collection, SR999 Entrance Matting, and LVT Textured Woodgrains, contributed to the overall success of creating a welcoming and stylish atmosphere at Remuera Golf Club.

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