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Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport

Te Papa

Installation: Te Papa

Product: Net Effects – various colours

Architect: Te Papa

Te Papa always has an exacting brief; sustainable, noise dampening, beautiful carpet tile that is easy to clean and can take a hammering. We have had carpet tile in Te Papa for 17 years now and over 20 million pairs of feet have walked all over it …and it still looks great. That’s quality. That’s performance.

Yet with all things there are times when an upgrade is required, a new look needed.

Te Papa always talks to Inzide as their flooring partner. Inzide – suppliers of Interface carpet tile in NZ are the leading flooring providers in NZ. In looking through the options Te Papa came across the networks story and how fishing nets were being recycled into carpet tile (Net Effects) while simultaneously helping poor villages clean up their environment and earn a living.

The Net Effect carpet tiles had life, movement and texture – high and low pile, the frothy foreshore transitioning to the deep ocean. They had colour. They had a story. Looking at the hectors dolphin (shown in the photo), so endangered by careless use of fishing nets, sitting upon old fishing nets that have been reborn into a new life, carpet tile and you smile at the paradox you are witnessing.

Add to this;

  • 15 year full performance warranties, including castor chairs

  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns

  • Colour, texture,  and biophillic design tufted into the product – no sun fade here

  • Manufactured in true ISO accredited mills with true 3rd party certification on the product

  • Solution dyed nylon to ensure it stays looking great

  • Intersept® antimicrobial built into the tile for its life-time

So go and click on the links and watch the videos.
It’s all about being a responsible citizen which Interface certainly is, we are proud to represent their product in NZ.

For NZ’s #1 building, the worlds #1 carpet tile.

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