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Auckland International Airport
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Installation: Naillington - Wellington

Specifier: Tailor Inc.

Installer: Hills Commercial

Photography: Anna Briggs

Product: Allura LVT - Whitewash Elegant Oak

Wellbeing has been brought into the spotlight more recently and there has been a huge shift towards soft, warm, and natural materials – not only in workplaces now that the ‘resi-mercial’ movement is on the rise, but in retail spaces, where experience is everything.

What better way to see this inspiration than in a space designed to invigorate and replenish the soul, such as Naillington.

Creating a lux sanctuary mood, the palette for Naillington is a mix of light, warm woods, earthy, natural tones and jewel-like hues that elevate the space. Exuding a sense of casual luxury, the meticulous materials selection is hard to ignore.The flooring sets the scene beautifully, with the use of Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile in Whitewash Elegant Oak, installed in a herringbone pattern. The floor adds another dimension to the space, subtly pulling you through to your seat to be pampered.

Naillington is simply stunning and one of the best uses of Allura LVT we have seen. It’s easy to see why this space was a finalist in the RED awards this year.

If you find yourself in Wellington and in need of a bit of self-care, this inviting new nail, eyebrow and lash studio is on Willis Street in Wellington’s CBD.

The Tailor Inc. team are expert at creating warm, welcoming spaces and Naillington is an exceptional example.

Congratulations Tailor Inc. what a gorgeous space, we can’t wait to visit!

To read more about the inspiration and design process from the Tailor Inc team you can read about it HERE

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