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Hospitality Product Palettes
New Zealand 


New Zealand is a land of great contrasts and diversity.

From towering mountain peaks to spectacular caves. Deep glacial lakes to crystal clear rivers. Lush bush to long sandy beaches. 

The Interface Design Studio has curated a series of palettes that celebrate the organic colours and textures of New Zealand's natural landscape. Capturing nature's most inspiring elements, these palettes offer a beautiful and vast array of colour variation. 

Colour has a profound influence on how people perceive and react to their surroundings. The product combinations in the palettes can be used to inspire particular moods in different spaces.

Mt Taranaki

Create beautiful design with Interface Hospitality

At Interface hospitality we understand how a great product can transform a space and experience. Whatever your requirements, from concept to installation, Interface Hospitality is dedicated to realising your vision, making it easier for your guests with an amazing experience.


Using our extensive collection of modular flooring, you can create unique environments, mixing texture, colour, and pattern to turn spaces into experiences. 

Choose from a wide range of customisable products and create something uniquely yours. 

The Interface Design Studio customised the colours of all the carpet tiles in this brochure. We want to inspire you and show you the creative potential when designing with Interface.

Mountain Range

Mountain Palette


Inspired by New Zealand’s vast mountain ranges, the Maunga palette encapsulates the juxtaposition of harsh rock forms and soft tussock grasses. Capturing the essence of the elevated environment, this palette features subtle, refined textures and broad organic forms. When utilised in a space, neutral and natural beige tones are understated yet offer a warmth and reassuring sense of calm to guests. These colours soften hard edges, bringing depth and richness to a monochrome interior. Brown tones and darker greys evoke opulence and indulgence, while greys offer cool serenity.

Carpet Tile RMS 607
Carpet Tile Luxury Collection LC08
Carpet Tile Cities Collection Roman Holiday
Luxury Vinyl Tile Walk On By Monochrome
Carpet Tile Head Over Heels M1032
Carpet Tile Cities Collection Big Apple
Luxury Vinyl Tile Textured Stones Medium Concrete
Mountain Range
Mountain Range
Mountain Range
Stone Church

Hospitality Product Palette | Maunga 

Forrest Floor

Bush Palette


The lush native bush of Aotearoa is the source of inspiration for the Ngahere palette. Moving from the bush canopy down to the layering of ferns and mosses at ground level. These elements produce a sense of serenity and peacefulness, perfect for private guest rooms and quiet spaces. Capturing the essence of the bush, this palette reflects our innate affinity with nature, championing the verdant green tones and rich browns of our precious native trees. Bringing green hues and natural references into a space can help create an environment that connects users with nature while enhancing a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Tree Canopy
Native Bush
Native Bush
Native Bush
Forrest Floor
Native Bush walk

Hospitality Product Palette | Ngahere

Cathedral Cove

Sea Palette

Portmanteau Collection PM57
Carpet Tile Global Change Collection - Raku
Carpet Tile Luxury Collection LC05
Luxury Vinyl Tile Textured Woodgrains Antique Light Oak
Carpet Tile Human Nature Collection HN850
Luxury Vinyl Tile Textured Woodgrains Antique Dark Oak
Carpet Tile Human Nature Collection HN810

The Moana palette is inspired by the strength and intense beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Bold shades of deep navy and cool blues are reflective of both the sky and sea. Appealing to our natural instincts, blue is tranquil, timeless, and adaptable to many types of interiors. Soft blues can evoke a sense of calm in a private guest room or quiet space, whilst darker, richer blues enhance a luxurious feel. Brighter and stronger shades can be invigorating and add a sense of liveliness in public spaces designed for socialisation and fun. 

Sail boats
Cathedral Cove

Hospitality Product Palette | Moana


River Palette

Luxury Vinyl Tile Walk Of Life Carbon
Carpet Tile World Woven Collection WW870
Carpet Tile Net Effect Collection B601
Carpet Tile Net Effect Collection B602
Carpet Tile World Woven Collection WW865
Carpet Tile Net Effect Collection B603
Luxury Vinyl Tile Brushed Lines Deep Cobalt

Vibrant shades of teal alongside stony neutrals found within the rivers and lakes of Aotearoa have been the source of inspiration for the Awa palette. Turquoise and aqua shades complemented with fine-detailed patterns provide strong direction when designing spaces. Pastel blues offer a refreshing and revitalising contrast to the more subtle greys.The Awa palette brings together organic and softer tones that create an inviting, resort-like atmosphere, providing guests with a reassuring sense of calm.

Mountain Range
Crater Lake

Hospitality Product Palette | Awa

Luxury Vinyl Tile Walk The Aisle Cool Ash
Carpet Tile Portmanteau Collection PM68
Carpet Tile Portmanteau Collection PM67
Carpet Tile Near & Far Collection NF401
Carpet Tile World Woven WW890
Luxury Vinyl Tile Drawn Lines Aquamarine
Carpet Tile World Woven WW870

Fauna & Flora Palette


The Koe palette is inspired by the bright bursts of colour, captured in the native flora and fauna of Aotearoa. From the vivid magentas of the Pūriri tree, bejeweling the bush with splashes of colour through winter, to the golden yellows of the Kōwhai signaling spring. Vibrant colours provide an uplifting sense of warmth and connect us to the change in seasons. Bold and bright colours when used sensitively, can have a powerful impact, bringing a sense of fun to a range of interiors. In multifunctional spaces, contrasting areas can mark out zones. Whether a space is dedicated to leisure or business, the Koe palette alongside thoughtful design, can enhance the desired effect: relaxing, revitalising, and inspiring. Combine complementing colours in the palette for a variety of effects in a public space, or use just one as a simple, clean backdrop to bring a distinctive personality and heighten the mood of a private guest room.

Kowhai Tree
Birds in sunset
Bunny Tails

Hospitality Product Palette | Koe

Carpet Tile Portmanteau Collection PM48
Luxury Vinyl Tile Iridescence Earth
Carpet Tile Portmanteau Collection PM47
Carpet Tile Urban Retreat Collection UR102
Carpet Tile Urban Retreat Collection UR102
Luxury Vinyl Tile Brushed Lines Honey
Carpet Tile Head Over Heels

A Strong Foundation for Modular Flooring


GlasBac™, Interface's original vinyl backing, sets the industry standard for performance. All Interface carpet tiles come standard with this backing. 

CushionBacRE™ backing is a cushion backing that provides high performance, high recycled content, greater underfoot comfort and increased sound absorption. 

Sound Choice™ is the standard backing of Interface's 4.5mm LVT and offers superior acoustic performance without the expense of an underlayment. 

Interface Design Studio

The Interface Design Studio offers a range of guidance - as much or as little as you need. From creating mood boards, custom colours and products and floor concepts, to providing full creative support at every stage of your project, they're here to help. 

Interface's fundamental design principle is human-centred. We create sensorially harmonious flooring that responds to the needs of the space and the needs of the people who will live their lives within.

The Interface design team can help you with your next project to make it truly unique. 

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