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Clean up day - December 2017

Whau River Catchment Trust

Our yearly Christmas party this year was a very different event to past years where we have gone to the wonderful islands of the Hauraki gulf to clean, weed or plant. 2017 for INZIDE was a game changing year with CHANGE being the operative year. In 2017 INZIDE moved its North Shore based warehouse to 131 Montgomerie Rd at airport Oaks, Mangere. We went from a 800m2 warehouse to a 3,000m2 warehouse. Concurrently we split our Auckland staff across two sites. The operations, warehouse and customer service teams moved to Montgomerie rd. The sales, marketing and head office functions moved to a new office at L2, 34 Barrys Pt Rd in Takapuna. Our key sales need was to be closer to our customers and seek to avoid the diabolical traffic congestion issues that Auckland now faces. Our Barrys Pt Rd office provided this for our Auckland sales team. Our key logistics need was to be out South so that trucks and couriers were not being caught up with the Auckland Harbour bridge traffic woes. Plus we needed a lot more room as we were 3rd party warehousing. Hence Christmas 2017 was a time to take stock of the change, review what was working, needed improvement or needed to be redone. We spent the morning putting mulch around the new plants on the estuary reserve at Rosebank RD, part of the WHAU River catchment trust. This year we did not invite friends, family and customers for the first time. This was due to the afternoon session being about looking inward at the change, and going through the assessment undertaken by INSTEP with all our people. The change caused 3 long standing staff members to take voluntary redundancy packages as they did not want to move from the North Shore site to Mangere. These were loyal friends and it was tough. Concurrently we hired new people and others changed roles. We needed to know how whether our company culture was still healthy, thriving and excited by our future. So after some good navel gazing, discussion, listening and resetting ourselves we broke up for the year. It was a great day and will go down in our company history as one of those defining times when we as the INZIDE team set forth on our new course

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