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Inzide's CarbonZero Story

"Certification from Toitu Envirocare is proof you are taking action on climate change. Accurately measure and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of your business, product or service" - Toitu, Envirocare homepage. Doing good is good business - reducing carbon emissions offers significant benefits for your business but also for our collective futures. And now through Toitu's carbon programme anyone can do it. We have been offsetting and reducing our carbon footprint through Toitu for over 13-years now – one of the many ways we seek to give back to our loyal and supportive customers. Inzide commercial is part of Toitu's prestigious CARBONZERO certification which means that not only do we accurately get our carbon measured and recorded by Toitu but we also offset ALL OF IT through verified carbon credits to achieve a net zero balance. Plus we continuously improve our carbon intensity so that we put in action real carbon saving initiative like using rail vs roads, bringing in containers directly to the Port of project even though the container is half full etc. This program actually meets and exceeds international standards for best practice and puts us ahead of ALL of our competitors as the only one to be Toitu, CarbonZero certified in the New Zealand marketplace. Some of Inzide’s competitors do work with Toitu through the lesser program CarbonReduce. It’s a great first step but tracking carbon is not reducing carbon and our planets needs carbon reduced NOW. It also shows a lack of commitment to doing right when going to full carbon offset is very simple to do so long as you are willing to commit monies to it. The CarbonReduce program should be more accurately named CarbonWatch instead of CarbonReduce. Make sure the next time you buy carpet you check the supplier is associated with Toitu and are CarbonZero certified so that you know you are actually making a real difference for our wonderful planet.

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