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ReEntry scheme increasing in demand - October 2019

As the Carpet Tile and LVT supplier of Interface products in New Zealand, we are extremely proud to support their global closed loop-recycling programme, ReEntry. Not only are Interface products Carbon Neutral, they are 100% recyclable into themselves at the end of their 15+ year lifetime.

This is a unique advantage to specifying Interface Carpet Tiles as there are no other Ministry for Environment accredited product Stewardship schemes in place for carpet suppliers/ manufacturers in New Zealand – so what are all the others doing? At best, re-use until the inevitable, landfill. But in truth, nothing that we see.

The concept of creating products which are endlessly recyclable, is not a new one, but it is a concept that has many challenges to implement on a commercial scale. Interface have invested significantly to achieve quality circular products, which have as little impact on our precious environment as possible over many, many years.

It is one thing to provide a service but to implement it successfully is quite another. In 2016 and 2017, Interface prevented 2 million m2 of carpet going into landfill around the world through their ReEntry Scheme. Having sent 300 tonnes back for recycling already we are always looking for more.

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