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Mineral & organic pigments. Soft smoky transition.

Welcome to Inzide

Your commercial, sustainable flooring solutions supplier

From the brands we supply to the New Zealand market, to the processes we follow, we are committed to maintaining and improving our standards. 

We believe strongly in the circular economy and practice this ethos through Interface’s ReEntry re-use and recycling program. We are also a Toitu carbonzero certified organisation and have been for the past 15 years.

In 26 years of supplying sustainable flooring solutions we have achieved

  • 461 tonnes of carpet tile recycled / re-used

  • 5,707 tonnes of carbon offset

  • 332 tonnes of carbon mitigated

  • 344,770 litres of fuel saved by using a Hybrid/PHEV car fleet

*As at  March 31st 2021

It all starts with local companies investing in New Zealand’s economy and biosphere to make a real difference to our world.

Flooring Brands

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Feature Project

Naillington - Wellington


Wellbeing has been brought into the spotlight more recently and there is a huge shift towards soft, warm, and natural materials in not only workplaces now the ‘resi-mercial’ movement is taking over but in retail spaces where experience is everything.


What better than to see this inspiration used in a space designed to invigorate and replenish the soul such as Naillington.


The team at Tailor Inc have created a lux sanctuary mood, with the palette for Naillington being a mix of...


We commit to sustainability in every aspect of our business.


Bringing the best of the world to New Zealand is our specialty.


We have the flooring expertise and options for every environment.