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Clean up day - December 2016

As a company we strive to minimise the impact that we have on the environment as much as possible. From the products that we supply to the way that we do everything, the impact of our actions is always considered. It is because of this conscious consideration of the environment that we choose to take a day every year to give back with our time. Along with friends, family and our customers we work together to give back and help improve a part of the much treasured Hauraki Gulf. This year we discovered a gem of a place on Waiheke Island that needed a bit of help restoring its natural, native beauty, Te Toki Reserve. Previously a sheep and cattle farm, the Auckland council purchased it in 1992 and turned it into a scientific and scenic reserve. Since then the reserve has slowly been worked on by a team of dedicated Waiheke locals and volunteer groups to make it what it is today, but it still has a way to go so we decided to lend a helping hand. With a team of close to 50 people we cleared a considerable amount of Japanese Honey Suckle which was taking over and killing native plants along the beautiful established tracks. Tony that heads up the volunteer group, The Friends of Te Toki Reserve and his team of volunteers were fantastic, it is easy to see why this is a much loved area of Waiheke Island - a real Gem. After the hard work was done it was time to relax at Palm Beach and enjoy a delicious spread put on by Franco's Bakery and a spin or two in a Sealegs boat with Doughnuting and all the thrills and spills that go along with a great afternoon at the beach. It was a fantastic day had by all and the weather held out perfectly!

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