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Inzide sets a goal of 20,000m2 of Interface flooring to be recycled in 2022

Do you know Interface carpet tiles & LVT sold in NZ are closed-loop recyclable?

That is, at the end of the product’s useful life (15+years) Inzide will take Interface flooring back. We then do one of two things with it; facilitate the re-use of it through Habitat for Humanity if it has life left otherwise, we send it back to Interface, the manufacturer to be disassembled and remanufactured into “new” carbon neutral carpet tiles through their ReEntry process.

Last year Inzide facilitated the re-use or recycling of 5,376m2 (21 tonnes) of flooring.

This is conflicting for us. While we are proud of the amount diverted, we are also disheartened by the idea that so much more has ended up in landfill unnecessarily. Realistically 5,376m2 is a drop in the bucket to the 2.5 million of m2 of carpet tile and LVT installed every year in New Zealand.

The construction industry is cost focused and simply does not put enough value in recycling and understanding the true environmental impacts of “cheap” landfill.

At Inzide we are setting the bar at 20,000m2 for 2022, ambitious given previous experience but also extremely conservative for the industry.

So, we ask if you are working on a project this year where Interface carpet tiles or Luxury Vinyl Tile has been installed and will be replaced by Interface product to please get in touch before demolition starts so we can save this valuable resource from landfill. Closing the loop and reducing the impact ‘we’ as an industry have on our environment needs to happen today.

Make the call, be the difference.

Only together can we achieve a better future.

Contact us on 0800 800 656 to find out more.

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