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NZGBC loosing memberships due to Covid effects

As has been well documented by every New Zealander, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a restrictive effect on the country and the economy affecting all of us in one way or another. The Flooring Industry being no exception. Many of Auckland's flooring suppliers have felt the strain of Coronavirus in the past few months and have had to improvise, adapt and overcome.

NZGBC as an institution driving true sustainable change within the New Zealand construction sector relies on Industry membership, sponsorship & their rating tool take up to continue this change. Unfortunately, during this time of economic uncertainty it seems many of Inzide's flooring competitors have taken the opportunity to cancel their membership to this incredibly important institution.

This is something that Inzide feels passionately about and will not compromise on! We should never sacrifice short term gain for long term pain, and cancelling membership to the key sustainable change maker in the New Zealand market is precisely that. From Inzide's perspective there should be nothing that can interfere with the protection of our climate and our slow steady progress towards a clean, healthy positive future. This is the promise that Inzide makes to its customers everyday; that we will NEVER sacrifice short term economic gain for our principals.

Make sure the next time you purchase carpet tile products the supplier is a NZGBC member.

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