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Steve Aschebrock Appointed Chairperson of NZGBC

"Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success" - John Hays Hammond

Steve Aschebrock the managing director and joint owner of Inzide commercial was this week elected as chair of the board for New Zealand Green Building Counsel's Industry Group: Construction and Supply. Steve has been involved with the building interiors industry in New Zealand for 10 years through his business Inzide, however, previously he was a General Manager for business marketing for Vodafone NZ, a commercial manager for Lion Breweries and Lion Corporate, a sales channel manager for Pepsi Bottlers in Australia and undertook his graduate placement at Proctor & Gamble Australia after finishing his conjoint degrees at Auckland University. Steve believes strongly in competition to force economic change and sees ecology and commerce as the same business platform when looking long-term. Hence sacrificing environmental principles for short-term commercial gain is poor business practice and shows a fundamental lack of smarts around better outcomes. A key philosophy of INZIDE Commercial is to do well financially by doing good environmentally and their record stands that this is a correct business philosophy. Hence carbon accounting, bonusing salespeople on recycling targets, undertaking clean up days with clients, publishing sustainability metrics including targets and being 3rd party verified by reputable agencies is simply good business practice. Looking forward, Steve is keen to see NZ industry work smarter by adopting good sustainable practice as the standard for making decisions.

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