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Individual, dynamic, bespoke.

Workplaces are forever changing and adapting to the needs of their occupants. Human-centred design in the workplace is now more critical than ever.

Studies have shown that a focus on employee and workplace wellbeing can result in improved productivity, increased morale, less sick days and better staff retention. Key factors such as lighting, indoor air quality, noise control and thermal comfort can all contribute to better indoor office environments. We understand that a holistic approach to commercial office design is important, in order to have a positive effect on an employee’s productivity, health, well-being and satisfaction.


We have collated a comprehensive portfolio of textile and resilient flooring solutions that can help you to create high-quality and fully functional spaces.

Supported by our team of expert flooring consultants and our in-house floor concept designer we can provide you with expert advice and flooring that will bringing out the best in people and the environments they work in.

Case Studies


Maori TV

Generator Britomart 1_edited.jpg

Generator Britomart


Genesis Head Office

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